The Best of 2020: Top Posts & Onward to 2021

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In previous year’s, RetinaLink’s “Best of Series” was posted in January. 2021 is already different after a tumultuous and unpredictable 2020. Last year, at this time, everything was status quo and we had predicted 2020 would undoubtedly be the year of clarity. The most frequently asked question is “when will there be large meetings and congresses again?” One would hope by the end of this Summer, we’ll all be together again. The one unknown is the confidence quotient for people to travel…. When will everyone feel confident to fly, stay in a hotel and have a meal with colleagues in a restaurant again.

Even with the pandemic, RetinaLink’s metrics hit a new high and shifted its focus early in the pandemic to best practices with retina specialists in both their practice and operating rooms throughout the United States.

Thank you for your ongoing RetinaLink digital readership and here are the top posts from 2020. And, of course, surgical videos remain a favorite.

Here are theTop 10 posts for 2020.

1) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. Nina Berrocal 

2) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. R.V. Paul Chan

3) Transforming Telemedicine during COVID-19 with Dr. Steve Houston 

4) Remembering Dr. Mina M. Chung 

5) Following the Fellows with Dr. Frank Brodie: Loving Eyes Foundation & His Insight as a First Year Fellow

6) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. Anton Orlin in New York City  

7) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. Timothy Murray 

8) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. Ross Lakhanpal and the decision to cancel VBS VIII

9) Dr. John Pollack Overviews FocusSelect® AREDS-2 Based Formulation for Dry AMD Patients

10) Staying the Course during COVID-19 with Dr. Christina Weng

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