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RetinaLink Series: Staying the Course During COVID-19 Featuring Dr. Steve Charles

The last 60 days has changed our world. Around the globe, WE, together, are working to end COVID-19. We are staying home to “flatten the curve” as the global retina community continues to treat patients and does emergency surgical procedures. During this period of uncertainty, staying connected is paramount. RetinaLink is honored to share its…

Following the Fellows with Dr. Frank Brodie ~ The Loving Eyes Foundation & His Insight as a First Year Retina Fellow

Meet Dr. Frank Brodie. His accomplishments are many and quite impressive. You may already know him as one of the Loving Eyes Foundation (LEF) Co-Founders. Presently, Dr. Brodie is a first-year vitreoretinal fellow at Duke University Eye Center, in Durham, NC. He will readily tell you he hadn’t planned to be a doctor. After completing…

Dr. Carmen A. Puliafito Series ~ Macular Degeneration: A Revolution in Treatment Continues

Part I: The Current Therapeutic Paradigm Carmen A. Puliafito, MD, MBA A recent study of 27 retina practices including more than 300 retinal specialists in the United States found that more than half of all visits to retina practices (52%) were for macular degeneration or retinal vascular disease (A. Moshfeghi, MD). This represents the continuing…

Announcing… The Best of 2019

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2020 which will undoubtedly be the year of CLARITY for all of us. Yet again, RetinaLink’s metrics hit a new all-time high as RetinaLink celebrated its fifth birthday in September ~ each year the video and post views increase. Thank you for your continued support and following RetinaLink on FaceBook,…

The 2019 Alcon Retina Fellows Institute ~ Providing a New Perspective in Education

Perfection, is a powerful word whether written or spoken. It effectively describes the Alcon Retina Fellows Institute held on Saturday, November 23 in Fort Worth, Texas. This was Alcon’s second Retina Fellows Institute. The prior year’s was so successful that it was hard to imagine catching lightening in a jar again. It happened! The education…

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