RetinaLink Series: Staying the Course During COVID-19 Featuring Dr. Steve Charles

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The last 60 days has changed our world. Around the globe, WE, together, are working to end COVID-19. We are staying home to “flatten the curve” as the global retina community continues to treat patients and does emergency surgical procedures. During this period of uncertainty, staying connected is paramount. RetinaLink is honored to share its new series – Staying the Course. Retina specialists will be featured sharing how they are doing, the number of patients they are treating in the clinic/surgically and their sage wisdom on what they are doing during this unprecedented time. In the end, WE WILL PREVAIL. Thank you to Dr. Steve Charles, Charles Retina Institute, Memphis, TN, who is our first featured guest on Staying the Course.

Steve Charles, MD, FACS, FICS

RetinaLink (RL): Are you seeing patients and operating? If so, how many patients?

Steve Charles, MD: I am operating and seeing patients. I’m wearing N95 mask. Overall, volume is down. 40 patients in clinic and 6 surgeries per week. This is almost a 60 percent decrease.

RL: What is your patient protocol?

SC: We are diligent in taking careful patient history and taking each patient’s temperature before entering waiting room. The staff must have their temperature taken before entering the building. The patients wait outside in their cars to be called on their mobile phone for imaging, then back outside, then doctor exam, back outside, then back in for injections, lasers, pneumatics. This patient flow prevents massing in the waiting room. No family is allowed in the waiting room.

RL: What precautions are you taking when you go out to the food store and pharmacy?

SC: I’m wearing N95 mask at Walgreens and grocery stores. I continue my weight lifting regime and cardio at home to be healthy; not, just for stress relief. I workout at my apartment and prepare my meals at home to avoid risk of takeout and curbside delivery food

RL: When do you plan to travel again?

SC: I didn’t travel in March and no travel is scheduled through the end of May. I do my flight training occasionally to keep current status. I ensure I’m wearing my N95 mask.

Dr. Steve Charles can be reached via e-mail –