RetinaLink Profile: NAIL to EYE Surgical Video featuring Dr. Sean Adrean

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RetinaLink is pleased to feature Sean D. Adrean, MD, FAAO, Retina Consultants of Orange County. Dr. Adrean yet again shares another interesting surgical video with RetinaLink. His previous videos include Autologous Retina Transplant in his patient with a previous Macular Hole and AMD, Subretinal Biopsy to Diagnose Subretinal Infiltrate and Dr. Adrean had one of Top 10 2018 surgical videos, Case of Mayhem.

Sean D. Adrean, MD, FAAO

Dr. Adrean’s 45-year-old male patient presented with a large rusty nail which penetrated the pupil when he was using a chainsaw. The patient’s vision was LP upon initial eye examination.

After the nail was removed, a large hole remained which expressed vitreous. Dr. Adrean utilized a 23-gauge small gauge platform to place his infusion and start suturing to close the large hole. Rust remained on the cornea from the nail. The retina was intact with no tears.

The patient required PK and secondary IOL.

PO Day 1: CF
PO 1 month: Aphakic with a million sutures and a million diopters of astigmatism; VA: 20/200

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