RetinaLink Profile: Dr. Maria H. Berrocal ~ The NORLASE LEAF & LION Revolution ~ Transforming Practice Efficiency

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Patients are now living longer which means they may have additional significant health issues as they continue to age. Some medical conditions make it extremely difficult to laser a patient’s eye at the slit lamp or be transported monthly for treatment with anti-VEGF agents. Still some other patients may not have transportation available or are unable to ambulate; therefore, unable to be positioned in front of the slit lamp or recline for proper treatment. “Even though we are in the age of Intravitreal Injections (IVI) for Diabetic Retinopathy, laser is still one of the cornerstone treatments for retina specialists in their clinic. Currently, there are several indications for laser including: retinal tears, retinal detachments, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, macroaneurysms, Coat’s disease among others,” commented Dr. Maria H. Berrocal. Dr. Berrocal, CEO of Drs Berrocal & Associates in San Juan, PR, has been treating patients with retinal disease and operating for over three decades.

Maria H. Berrocal, MD 

NORLASE, a new player in the laser space, headquartered in Denmark, is now offering a better solution for laser treatment in your clinic or operating room. NORLASE launched their new laser, LEAF, and LIO, Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope, LION, in 2020. Their engineers have gone the extra mile by ingeniously embedding the ultralight laser into the headset (and, by the way, they received an award for their efficient design!). Now, I know what you are thinking… just another laser, but ahhh… not the case. The laser footprint is nimble, comparable to the weight of a diagnostic indirect ophthalmoscope, just to be exact, and portable. Extremely easy to move from room to room, satellite offices or transport to rural clinics. The system is fiberless; meaning no opportunity to break expensive and delicate laser fibers. It’s completely untethered and is operational through a small tablet utilizing Bluetooth which provides time savings of not having to be connected. The ergonomic LIO has its own battery so finding that electrical outlet or that untimely power outage is now not an issue. Dr. Berrocal said, “Last month, we experienced a power outage, I continued to treat my patients who required laser, PRP or retinal tears, because I have the NORLASE LION laser.” She continued, “no downtime and my patients received the treatment they needed. I travel to a community outreach clinic with a diabetic patient population. These patients are unable to travel due to limited or no transportation and can be treated on site with this laser.”

Dr. Maria Berrocal uses the
in her clinic 

According to Dr. Berrocal, “Previous LIO headsets have been “cumbersome,” and extremely bulky, awkward and tethered to a heavy console. Moving from room to room to see my patients was out of the question. This is why the NORLASE LION and LEAF have been the ideal solution for me in my clinic. NORLASE has provided me as well as the retina community a seamless laser and LIO option. I can apply laser to any patient in any lane, wheelchair, bed or rural clinic. I have my tablet, headset, foot pedal and the unit is also rechargeable.”

You may be wondering… How does the NORLASE LION work in the OR? Dr. Berrocal said, “The laser is ideal for buckles and anterior breaks. Some of my colleagues prefer cryo; however, in my experience, I’ve found my patients have less inflammation when I treat them with laser. Since the LIO is in the headset, I can utilize in in scleral buckles and also in vitrectomies obviating the need for laser probes and reducing costs.”

Dr. Berrocal uses the NORLASE LION
(Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope) 

in her Operating Room

There are times I have to go to the hospital in the middle of night to treat one of my patient’s with a retinal tear. I can simply activate the laser with my voice command, apply the laser and I don’t have to worry about positioning or moving my patient,” added Dr. Berrocal.

NORLASE’s LION and LEAF technologies are ideal for both the clinic and operating room. To find out more, visit