RetinaLink Feature: #ilooklikearetinasurgeon with Caroline R. Baumal, MD

July 7, 2019, What's New

RetinaLink is honored to feature Dr. Caroline R. Baumal in #ilooklikearetinasurgeon. Dr. Baumal is an Associate Professor at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. Dr. Baumal trained at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, New England Eye Center and Wills Eye Hospital.

RetinaLink asked Dr. Baumal why she chose retina, who her personal and professional mentors have been and who she finds most challenging professionally. See her answers below.

RetinaLink (RL): Why did you choose Retina?

Caroline R. Baumal, MD (CRB): I have always been drawn to a challenge. I chose Ophthalmology and subsequently Retina subspecialty because the equipment, clinical examination and surgery were complicated and challenging. I am also very neat and organized which is an excellent quality for retina surgery.

RL: Who are your personal and professional mentors?

CRB: I am so fortunate to have learned from so many colleagues in our profession. I came to Boston as a fellow in 1995 to learn from my mentor Dr. Jay Duker and I am still here working with him. All of my female colleagues are friends, mentors and collaborators and this is a very long list to name a few – Drs. Maria and Nina Berrocal, Carol Shields, Judy Kim and Lejla Vajzovic. While I try to be a mentor to the vitreoretinal fellows that I work with at Tufts-New England Eye Center, they are continually challenging and teaching me new things so I consider them my teachers.

RL: What is most challenging professionally?

CRB: Teaching vitreoretinal surgery to the new fellows in July.

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