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RetinaLink Profile ~ VBS 2018: Introducing #ilooklikearetinasurgeon

What does a retina surgeon look like? Do you look like what you do for a living? You just paused… and, are thinking about these questions because they are certainly thought provoking. #ilooklikeasurgeon was covered by the BBC in 2015. A surgeon named Stephanie posted why are my male colleagues called “doctor” and I’m called by…

Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD ~ Utilizing NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System in Complex Retinal Detachments

RetinaLink is pleased to feature Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD and his experience with 3D surgery. In 2017, Dr. Franklin, Mobile, Alabama, shared two of the most viewed 3D videos on RetinaLink, IOL Repositioning and his Stickler’s Syndrome patient. Dr. Franklin shares his initial surgical experience with ALCON’s NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System and their latest…

RetinaLink Profile: Miguel Busquets, MD, FACS ~ Making a Difference… Humanitarian Relief in Puerto Rico

Dr. Miguel Busquets makes a difference each day as he treats his retina patients at AIO, Associates in Ophthalmology, in Pittsburgh, PA. AIO is a very busy practice with nine locations and 17 eye doctors. Dr. Busquets is a Puerto Rico native, who is the Director of the Division of Clinical Trials and Research, and…

Mohammed K. Barazi, MD ~ FOCUS SELECT® AREDS2 Based Formulation Provides New Eye Health Chewable Vitamin Supplement

Walking around the ASRS 2017 exhibit area in Boston, I stopped at Covalent Medical to sample their new FOCUS SELECT® Chewable Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Quite frankly, I was hesitant to take any supplement on an empty stomach; however, I said, “OK, I’ll try one.” FOCUS SELECT’s new AREDS2 based chewable have a tangy citrus…

RetinaLink Profile: Duke Eye Center’s ~ Lejla Vajzovic, MD & Her Work in Pediatric Retina

This month RetinaLink is pleased to feature Lejla Vajzovic, MD, who is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, at Duke Eye Center in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Vajzovic is a member of the Duke Pediatric Retina and Optic Nerve Center. RetinaLink sat down with Dr. Vajzovic to find out more about her mentors, why she chose…

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