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Duke Eye Center: #ilooklikearetinasurgeon – Drs. Toth, Fekrat, Vajzovic, Finn and Zhang

#ilooklikeasurgeon was covered by the BBC in 2015. A surgeon named Stephanie posted “why are my male colleagues called “doctor” and I’m called by my first name each day?” Over the past several years, #ilooklikeasurgeon and #ilooklikeanengineer have started a conversation. RetinaLink launched #ilooklikearetinasurgeon at the sixth annual Vit-Bucke Society in Miami, FL, in March.  RetinaLink is honored to…

Eye on the Future: Retina Specialty Institute ~ Transforming Retina & Patient Care Each Day

A visionary is described as “a person with unusually keen foresight”. Sunil Gupta, MD Sunil Gupta, MD, Founder of Retina Specialty Institute (RSI), Pensacola, FL, is certainly a visionary in the retina community. Dr. Gupta attended the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI, in 2012. CGI’s mission is to turn ideas into action. CGI was established in…

Dr. Miguel Busquets: Private Practice Retina Fellowship & FTF: Drs. Zhao & Yousufzai

When you think of retina fellowship programs, you think of academic programs throughout the United States. Private practice fellowships do exist and AIO, Associates in Ophthalmology, in West Mifflin, PA, suburban Pittsburgh, started their fellows program in 2007. On July 1st, they will embark on their 11th fellow during the last 11 years and had one…

RetinaLink Profile: Llewelyn Rao, MD ~ My Surgical Experience with Dutch Ophthalmic EVA™ & VBS VI Live Surgery

Llewelyn J. Rao, MD, Retina Associates of Cleveland and President of the Cleveland Ophthalmological Society was one of four retina surgeons who participated in the live surgery broadcast at VBS, Vit-Buckle Society, in Miami, FL. Live surgery is awe inspiring since everyone in the meeting room is observing your every surgical maneuver. Moderator Timothy G. Murray, MD,…

A Global Perspective: WE ARE VISUAL ~ Surgeon Impressions with NGENUITY®

WE ARE VISUAL.  How we embrace everything around us. How we connect and how we discover our world. Depth… Dimension… Detail… WE ARE VISUAL captures how vision impacts our lives and floods our memories because photographs change how WE see the world. Drs. Allen C. Ho, John W. Kitchens and Marco Mura provide their surgical impressions with ALCON’s NGENUITY® 3D Visualization…

About Us

RetinaLink is a global communication platform for the retina community to share information, impressions, perspective and insight into relevant topics and trends most important to their specialty and patients.

We strive to promote the advancement of medical and surgical retina through an informational and educational exchange that helps retina specialists share the latest news on clinical trials and surgical technological advancements by connecting them to their peers around the globe.

The RetinaLink website features blogs, surgical videos, whitepapers, and interactive interviews designed to inform and engage.
Nicole Sheeler, RetinaLink Founder (click for bio)
RetinaLink founder and retina strategist Nicole Sheeler has more than 20 years of marketing experience within the retina community. She offers a strategic understanding of retina and communicates with detailed expertise. Her collaborative approach includes; thought leaders (MDs, PhDs, medical device professionals (industry) and support personnel. Her experience in marketing and advocate development has led to an opportunity to foster networking between retina specialists within the global retina community and to serve as a resource for them.

Providing consultation and marketing services from project management to brand strategy and developing advocacy boards, Nicole draws on her past experience to power RetinaLink. This is hallmarked by her 20 years at Alcon Laboratories and her position as the Retina Global Advocate. From crafting a brand strategy to facilitating relationships with key opinion leaders, her expertise within the retina community plays a critical role in pinpointing the right messaging and identifying those thought leaders who influence those in the field.

For years, Nicole held positions serving as a liaison within the US retina community, and with affiliates outside the US by traveling extensively. Her ability to see the industry from both a scientific and marketing perspective places her in a unique position to advise and successfully connect companies within the retina community.

What We Do & How Can We Help

RetinaLink proudly offers Corporate Sponsorship and Consulting services from managing your upcoming long term project to putting together a small or large Scientific Ad Board of retina specialists to seek guidance and recommendations on your Marketing objectives. Contact RetinaLink to request a custom proposal tailored to increase your share of voice within the retina community.
RetinaLink offers the following services:
Marketing & Brand Strategy

RetinaLink brings experience and consultation to the retina community rooted in long term relationships. Simply stated, our approach to brand development is strategic, from initial competitive analysis to product management to working with thought leaders.

RetinaLink offers more than 20 years of experience working within the retina and ophthalmic community. RetinaLink will identify the most effective and efficient strategy to present your brand, and assist you in discovering opportunities within the retina community. RetinaLink will provide a comprehensive platform that will assist you in the various phases of marketing.

Brand Marketing & Services include:

  • Product Launch & Life Cycle Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing Collaboration for Product Launches
Advocate Development

Proper feedback is essential when launching a new product or writing your clinical trial protocol.

We take a working prototype and present it to thought leaders, who can evaluate and assist you in improvements, prior to bringing your product to market.

Scientific ad boards provide an excellent forum for testing and simulating prototypes. They help to determine validity, offer surgical feedback and confirm whether your product is ready to proceed to the next stage. RetinaLink has the expertise that will assist you in identifying retina specialists to provide recommendations and guidance based on their depth of knowledge. We can then develop a discussion guide and moderate the meeting to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to proceed confidently into the next phase.

Advocate Development Services include creating an Advocacy Board based on your criteria.

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