William R. Freeman, MD – Digitally Assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery using the NGENUITY® 3D System

RetinaLink is honored to feature Dr. William R. Freeman’s 2018 Retina Society presentation – Digitally Assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery using the NGENUITY® 3D System. His presentation is included in its entirety and there is no financial interest to disclose.

Dr. Freeman is the Distinguished Professor and Director, Department of Ophthalmology, UCSD Jacobs Retina Center, Shiley Eye Institute, La Jolla, CA. See his entire video by clicking on the arrow.


  1. Ergonomically, 3D heads-up viewing technology is subjectively superior to the traditional microscope when performing tissue based micro-ophthalmologic surgery.
  2. 3D imaging modality is subjectively on par in performance with traditional microscope in most respects of anterior segment ophthalmologic surgery. Notable exception is speed.
  3. No significant differences were seen on the question of between the two modalities.
  4. In this limited study, 3D was judged to be largely equivalent to the traditional microscope in wet lab surgery.

Dr. Freeman can be reached via e-mail – wrfreeman@ucsd.edu





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