Sean Adrean, MD, FAAO ~ Autologous Retinal Transplant in Patient with Previous Macular Hole & AMD

In August 2017, RetinaLink featured Sean Adrean MD, FAAO, Retina Consultants of Orange County, who had one of the Top 10 RetinaLink posts  last year. He described his ART, Autologous Retinal Transplant, technique in his 68-year-old female patient with a Macular Hole. This patient’s pre-op VA was CF and now, her VA, six months post-op, is 20/200. 

Sean Adrean, MD, FAAO

Today, Dr. Adrean shares another ART in his 79-year-old female patient. This patient has a history of macular hole surgery, that did not work, as well as Age Related Macular Degeneration. He utilizes a 23-gauge platform and first, measures the hole with the Finesse™ Loop, diathermizes the area, uses the chandelier for bimanual surgery, PERFLUORON® to stabilize the retina and vertical scissors to cut the flap. Dr. Adrean states, “the flap must be 50% larger than the macular hole to ensure the macular hole is covered by the autologous retinal transplant.” Click on the video which includes voiceover to see Dr. Adrean’s surgical technique.

Dr. Adrean can be reached via e-mail

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