Rohit Ross Lakhanpal, MD ~ Initial Impressions of 3D Technology with Macular Hole Patient

March 27, 2017, Surgical Videos What's New

Rohit Ross Lakhanpal MD, FACS is a partner at Eye Consultants of Maryland P.A. Dr. Lakhanpal shares his ALCON NGENUITY® 3D experience with his macular hole patient. Dr. Lakhanpal used ICG to stain the posterior hyaloid and then, stained the ILM. He manipulated the ILM with both the flex loop and ILM forceps.

Dr. Lakhanpal said, “The ALCON NGENUITY 3D digital platform employs high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which optimizes image quality by taking two images with different exposures in rapid succession and averaging the two. This is a “game-changer” in terms of vitreoretinal surgical visualization, particularly for macular surgery. Imagine being able to see various layers of membranes to peel juxtaposed against retinal vasculature. The OLED technology allows for millions of pixels, providing the highest definition image currently available. This should translate into better surgical outcomes for our patients.”

He is a member of several retina honor societies and is a founding member and current Vice President, Membership of the Vit-Buckle Society. Dr. Lakhanpal can be reached at He is a consultant for Alcon Surgical and is on the the Alcon Speaker’s Bureau.

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