RetinaLink’s #ilooklikearetinasurgeon features Dr. Nancy Holekamp

October 25, 2018, RetinaLink Profile What's New

RetinaLink’s ongoing #ilooklikearetinasurgeon series is honored to feature Nancy Holekamp, MD. Dr. Holekamp has been a leader in the retina community for over two decades. Her leadership, commitment and research are truly remarkable. Dr. Holkamp is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and is affiliated with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Holekamp shares with RetinaLink why she went into retina, her mentors and professional challenges in today’s interview.

Nancy Holekamp, MD 

RetinaLink (RL): Why did you decide on retina? 
N. HOLEKAMP, MD (NH): I had a terrific mentor in medical school: Dr. Stuart Fine. He made practicing retina look interesting and fun. I thought I could spend a lifetime doing it!

RL: Who is/are your female mentor(s)?
NH: Dr. Neva Arribas was one of the first women retina specialists in the US. She started practicing in St. Louis in the early 1960’s. As a woman of Filipino origin, she was definitely a minority in the profession at that time. Neva was always happy, positive, and truly enjoyed helping patients as a retina specialist. To this day, I still see some of her patients – and they all ask about her. They all loved her and remember her fondly. She really cared about the person, not just getting the retina attached!

RL: What do you find most challenging professionally?  
NH: Our field moves so fast, both surgically and medically, that I find it a continual challenge to stay current and relevant. With the ever-growing presence of start-ups, new technology, and innovative research, it is challenging but fun to keep up!

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