Register for 8th Annual Thessaloniki International Vitreoretinal Summer School – May 21 – 26, 2018

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The eighth annual Thessaloniki International Vitreoretinal Summer School, TVRS, which is organized by the Mediterretina Society, is scheduled for May 21 – 26, 2018 and open for registration.

This year’s meeting will be held in Halkidiki, Greece at the Potidea Palace Hotel. TVRS features an international faculty including Drs. Thomas Aaberg, Jr. (USA), Francesco Bandello (Italy), Vincenzo Ferrara (Italy), Dr. Faisal Fayyad (Jordan), Giuseppe Fasolino (Italy), Mohamed Moussa (Egypt), Barbara Parolini (Italy) and Christopher Riemann (USA) and many other experts who will share their surgical impressions and experiences during TVRS’ four-day course.

CV PICTUREDr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulos

TVRS Meeting Organizer, Dr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulos’ said, “our meeting focus is A True to Life Opportunity to Learn and Train in 3D Digital Vitrectomy by International Experts in BIONIC Artificial eyes.”

Why is the TVRS meeting different than other meetings?
TVRS offers attendees an Advanced Surgical & Medical Course that incorporates an “Advanced Vitreoretinal “Hands-On” Wet Lab”.  It’s configured as a vitreoretinal theater with artificial eyes to simulate Retinal Detachment surgery, dropped nucleus, cataract complications and macula surgery including ILM removal. This “state of the art” wet lab will have 15 vitreoretinal surgical positions for Microincisional Vitrectomy Surgery, MIVS, using wide angle non- contact observation systems, such as the latest Haag-Streit EIBOS 2, and the latest vitrectomy surgical platforms, ALCON® CONSTELLATION® Vision System and Dutch Ophthamic EVA.

The DAVS, Digitally Assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery, and MIVS session will be led by experts Drs. Thomas Aaberg, Jr., and Christopher Riemann. Scientific sessions start off the day followed by wet labs each afternoon. This allows participants to engage in productive discussions on the best surgical approaches from around the globe.

Other presentations will highlight gene therapies, auto transplantation and artificial vision. Professors Bandello and Moussa are organizing a session that provides instruction on Angio-OCT technology in a hands-on dry lab.  Evenings provide an opportunity for interactive dinner discussions with faculty members engaging meeting participants.

The weather in May is lovely. The Potidea Palace Hotel website link is

The TVRS meeting link is Please forward questions to the Meeting Organizer, Mr. Nikos Antonopoulos, via e-mail  or telephone +30 210 3634944 for more information.

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