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FLOREtina 2017Stanislao Rizzo, MD, Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Florence, Italy, will be hosting FLOREtina 2017 in Florence, Italy, on 27 – 30 April. The meeting program agenda is comprehensive covering both medical and surgical retina. “The main meeting goals are to share ideas, friendship, collegiality and experience Florence. Experiencing is key and I have this opportunity to share it with my friends,” according to Dr. Rizzo. Air travel to Florence is very comfortable with an easy walk to the meeting venue in the most beautiful city in the world. Plan to attend FLOREtina 2017 by registering today.

Dr. Rizzo provided us some important details about FLOREtina 2017.

RetinaLink: Please discuss your FLOREtina 2015 Congress. What were the key takeaways?

Stanislao RIZZO, MD (SR): I was surprised by the success of FLOREtina 2015. The first FLOREtina meeting was held in December 2015 which is always a busy month. We had 1,400 physicians in attendance. There were many scientific sessions and we included courses for Fellows, Nurses and Optometrists.

Stanislao RIZZO, MD

RL: FLOREtina 2017 has approximately 100 presenters and faculty. Explain how they collaborate together to present FLOREtina’s university setting? How does a retina specialist choose what scientific session to attend? 

SR: The university setting is unique because it offers a variety of courses for surgical and medical retina from many different faculty presenters. In the United States, retina specialists can treat both medical and surgical retina conditions. The rest of the world is different. As an Ophthalmologist and retina specialist, you are either a retina surgeon or treat medical retina conditions.

Our industry partners will offer dedicated sessions with wet labs to feature how their surgical platforms work. ALCON’s CONSTELLATION with 3D NGENUITY system, Bausch & Lomb’s VITESSE which incorporates Ultrasound vitrectome and DORC’s EVA will be available for demonstration.

RL: Who will be operating at the 3D Live Surgery event and will Drs. D’Amico and Wong be moderating?

SR: 20 of the best surgeons from around the globe will be operating during the live surgery, Professor Claus Eckardt (GERMANY), Steve Charles, MD (UNITED STATES), Carl Claes, MD (BELGIUM), Ramin Tadayoni, MD (FRANCE), José Garcia Arumi, MD (SPAIN), Kourous Rezaei, MD (UNITED STATES) to name a few. The industry partners involved are Leica, Optikon, Zeiss, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and DORC.

Drs. Donald D’Amico and David Wong will moderate in the Congress meeting room like Frankfurt Retina. Dr. D’Amico, Weill Cornell Chairman of Ophthalmology, commented, “FLOREtina 2015 was an amazingly successful initial meeting, and the 2017 version promises to be even better.  A remarkable number of luminary faculty will be present (approximately 100) and are very available to the large audience of over 1,500 participants, through presentations, panels, courses, and of course my favorite, live surgery. During the 2015 meeting, at the very moment Dr. Rizzo hovered over the macula holding the Argus II implant on its tack, and then implanted it while the massive audience held their breath, he looked at it critically for a moment and said, “It’s perfect“– the audience erupted in cheers. This will certainly be remembered by me and by many as one of the most exciting moments in any retina congress that has ever been held.  I am sure we will have many exciting moments at FLOREtina 2017, and I am honored to be with my surgical colleagues in the operating room again, moderating, asking, joking, and commenting with David Wong and we all learn and delight in the many advances in our field.”

RL: How does FLOREtina Live Surgery compare to Frankfurt Retina?

SR: It’s similar. However, we’ll have two days of live surgery.

When you compare Frankfurt Retina and FLOREtina, FLOREtina is more comprehensive about retina, new ideas and technology and we have more surgeons operating in the live surgery.

RL: How many physicians do you anticipate at this year’s FLOREtina Congress? Did FLOREtina 2017 receive more free papers than FLOREtina 2015?

SR: We are planning for 1,500 physicians this year.

The number of free papers received was overwhelming. We were surprised to receive 200 free papers. The Committee selected 80 papers which are divided into two retina sessions – 40 surgical and 40 medical. In the surgical free paper session, there will be 20 presentation and 20 videos no longer than three minutes in length.

The winning free paper from FLOREtina 2015, a German Ophthamologist, will be attending FLOREtina 2017, too. Their award was a grant with airfare and hotel accommodations for this year’s meeting. The Luigi Barca awards will include best poster, video and oral presentation.

RL: When does registration begin?

SR: The registration website opened in October. www.floretina2017.it.

Dr. Stanislao Rizzo can be reached via e-mail at info@floretina.it

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