EURETINA 2019 Course: Saturday, 7 September – Global Experts Feature Surgical Videos in 3D, Latest Indications & Evolution on Digital Viewing Eye Surgery

EURETINA’s 19th annual meeting commenced on Thursday, 5 September in Paris, France at Les Palais des Congres. Each year EURETINA’s congress has a myriad of scientific sessions and courses throughout their four day meeting. One notable course which is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, 7 September from 16.30 to 18.00, will be led by Course Organizer, Dr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulos – Surgical Videos in 3D, Latest Indications & Evolution on Digital Viewing Eye Surgery. Click on the video for a course preview.

The Course Moderators accompanying Dr. Nikolakopoulos include Drs. Thomas Aaberg Jr., Vincenzo Ferrara and Christopher Riemann.

According to Dr. Nikolakopoulos, “This course will show the evolution and innovations of ALCON’s NGENUITY®3D Visualization System. It will include a range of expanded indications by the moderators and faculty. The critical issue for the participants will be to experience digital viewing technology which will be demonstrated by projecting 3D surgical videos without loosing the resolution. One of the main advantages of NGENUITY and 3D digital assisted viewing systems is that microscopes do not have this capability. In order to successfully demonstrate this, we need to proper projection and editing.

Dr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulos

The impressive global faculty, Drs. Awh, Balta, Chow, Franklin, Gotzaridis, Kadonosono, Maia, Mura, Oshima, Parikakis, Pournaras and Rizzo, will share their impressions and surgical experiences with NGENUITY.

* Course educational grant provided by Alcon.

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