Dr. Sean Adrean describes his Retinal Transplant technique 68-year-old patient; Video included

Sean Adrean MD FAAO, Retina Consultants of Orange County, describes his Retinal Transplant technique in his 68-year-old female patient with a Macular Hole. This video includes voiceover.

Pre-op VA: CF. Currently, patient is 20/400 with silicone oil in the eye. Hopefully, final post-op VA: 20/80 after silicone oil is removed in early September.

This technique was described by Tamer Mahmoud, MD PhD, Associated Retina Consultants, Royal Oak, Michigan, who has done approximately 10-12 and about 100 transplants have been done globally.

The indication for a retinal transplant is a chronic macular hole that hasn’t closed after wide ILM peel. The ILM flap technique is also a possiblity to close these large holes. The holes will close with that technique (I have done it) but there are no central photoreceptors. In my experience, the retinal transplant provides the patient some viable photoreceptors.

I recently completed another retinal transplant. The macular holes for both of these patients have closed and the central photoreceptors are still viable. The transplant is functioning and has integrated into the retina. I have pre and post op OCT and am doing microperimetry which is showing activity within the transplanted retina, proving that it is functioning.

Dr. Adrean can be reached via e-mail seadrean@yahoo.com

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