Dr. Maria Berrocal highlights 27-gauge instrumentation for TRRD

August 10, 2015, Surgical Videos

RetinaLink featured Dr. Maria H. Berrocal’s, San Juan, Puerto Rico, first surgical impressions with the new 27-gauge platform in July. RetinaLink is pleased to highlight Dr. Berrocal’s surgical experience in her 64-year-old female patient with a Tractional Rhegmatogenous Retina Detachment, TRRD. In Dr. Berrocal’s surgical video, she’s using the new 27-gauge platform by ALCON® (a division of Novartis, Fort Worth, TX).

Dr. Berrocal outlines the following case particulars:
The OCT shows part of the foveal detachment. The patient’s eye is pseudophakic and retina is very ischemic with large sheets of fibrous tissue covering all of the posterior pole. These are cases that need to be treated delicately because the retina is very thin and prone to breaks. The 27-gauge instrumentation is ideal because it is very small. It allows the opportunity to shave all this tissue from the surface of this thin ischemic retina in a very safe manner. The vitrectomy probe is being used almost as a “lawnmower”.

The area adjacent to the optic nerve is usually an area where there’s a potential space. This “space” provides an opportunity for lifting and cutting at the same time to basically dissect all of the tissue. Segmentation is performed with blunt dissection and the tissue is safely shaved from the surface. This is done in part with the high speed cutting of 7500 cpm, cuts per minute. The large subretinal membrane is removed with a 27-gauge forceps even though it’s very large and thick, the 27-gauge cutter can safely remove and aspirate it all.



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