Ask not what you can do for 3D surgery, but what 3D surgery can do for you at ASRS… Course Instructors Drs. Alan Franklin, Mina Chung, Steve Houston, John Kitchens & Chris Riemann

Digitally Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery (DAVS) will be highlighted at this year’s ASRS, American Society of Retina Specialists, in Chicago. Plan to attend the DAVS course to see what 3D surgery can do for you on Sunday, July 28 at 4:30 pm and how to integrate DAVS into your ASC or hospital. This course focuses on how to implement 3D surgery in your daily practice, and the advantages that you and your patients will see after following several simple setup steps.

Dr. Alan J. Franklin will moderate the discussion with panelists Mina Chung, S.K. Steven Houston III, John W. Kitchens and Christopher D. Riemann. Location: Hyatt Regency, Columbus Hall C – F. Dr. Franklin said, “we will present this information with 3D surgical videos that show helpful tips for difficult surgical issues.”

Video: John W. Kitchens, MD – 3D Retinectomy & Repair of PVR after macular transplant



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