Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD ~ Surgical Video Series Comparing DAVS Filters in FTMH & Diabetic Pathology

January 17, 2018, Surgical Videos What's New

Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD shares his surgical video series (with voiceovers) highlighting Digitally Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery, DAVS, in four different patients.

Video I: Chronic Traumatic Full Thickness Macular Hole. Young, otherwise healthy, patient. Pre-op VA: 20/200
PO: 4 weeks and VA: 20/80; MH was completely sealed.
Dr. Franklin said, “macular surgery improvements and DAVS provided a good visual outcome for this patient.” Surgical highlights include peeling sticky ILM, demonstrating flower petal technique and preserving edges for FTMH graft.

Alan J.Franklin, MD, PhD

Video II: DAVS Filter Comparison. Dr. Franklin summarizes DAVS Filter options. He mentions, “NGENUITY™ provides excellent depth of field.” AFX, laser and bimanual technique are shown.

Video III: DAVS Color Settings. Dr. Franklin demonstrates red shift filter with NGENUITY and how beneficial both DAVS and color settings are to enhance diabetic pathology. Endolaser, bimanual technique are used during this case.

DAVS Visualization

Video IV: DAVS Surgical Visualization. Dr. Franklin describes surgical visualization with DAVS. He describes his view in his patient with dense peripheral adhesions. High speed cutting is outlined during his surgical management in this diabetic patient.

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