Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD ~ Digitally Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery in Stickler Syndrome Patient

October 25, 2017, Surgical Videos What's New

RetinaLink highlights Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD and his young patient with Stickler Syndrome. Dr. Franklin’s three-part 3D video with voiceover depicts repair of his patient’s Retinal Detachment secondary to Stickler’s Syndrome. Stickler syndrome is characterized by distinctive facial abnormalities, ocular problems, hearing loss, and joint problems.

Video 1 – The patient had an RD in his fellow eye. He presented with a mac-off detachment. Digitally Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery, DAVS, specifically, ALCON’s NGENUITY, provides excellent visualization both inside the eye with the filter mechanism and a broad field outside the eye to perform a scleral buckle. BCVA: 20/100 following retinal reattachment surgery.

Video 2 – Stickler syndrome patient’s have particularly adherent vitreous. Utilized bimanual technique with a chandelier and 25-gauge curved scissors which allowed elevation to ensure a nice peel. DAVS provided stereopsis.

Video 3 –  Wrinkle is present in patient’s retina. Due to NGENUITY’s depth of focus, both the anterior and posterior retina are in focus. 27-gauge MAX-Grip forceps and PERFLUORON provide the opportunity to successfully remove the subretinal band.

Dr. Franklin can be reached via e-mail

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