Digital Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery: EURETINA Course Organizer, Dr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulous, shares 3D video

October 5, 2017, Surgical Videos What's New

The 17th EURETINA Congress was held in Barcelona, Spain in September. Dr. Athanasios Nikolakopoulos, Greece, was the Course Organizer for the Latest Update: 3D Digital MIVS Vitrectomy & Mechanical Vision 2017.

He was joined by Drs. Thomas Aaberg and Christopher Riemann from the United States to lead this course.

Anthansios Nikolakopoulos, MD 

DAVS, Digitally Assisted Vitrectomy Surgery, has been quite the topic of discussion this year. It’s been highlighted at retina meetings around the globe. Drs. Nikolakopoulos, Aaberg and Riemann’s course was an overwhelming success and Dr. Nikolakopoulos shared another 3D video with RetinaLink. Click on the link to view his 23-gauge video, Cataract and PVR.

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