William R. Freeman, MD: 3D Surgery in Ophthalmology

William R. Freeman, MD, Joseph Ho, MD and Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, PhD share their experience and impressions with NGENUITY, 3D surgery system, which provides retina specialists the freedom to view a large organic LED, OLED, during surgery versus using microscope oculars. Dr. Freeman video provides a comprehensive overview of why 3D Stereoscopic Vision is preferred and says, “the resolution is high, color accuracy and depth perception are very good.” Dr. Freeman’s video includes surgical highlights, AFX, Endolaser, PVR, Peripheral peel, Silicone Oil Removal, injecting ICG and some anterior segment combined procedures, cataract groove with divide and conquer, et.al.

Why 3D is a good solution in the OR?
According to Dr. Freeman, “Your Assistant, Technician and Nurse all see what you are doing… The people in the OR can anticipate what is going on… Very immersive environment that everyone is focused on the patient. I think it actually improves patient outcomes…”

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