Dr. Ehsan Rahimy: Submacular Hemorrhage Video & His Post-Fellowship Perspective

RetinaLink’s Following the Fellows featured Ehsan Rahimy, MD, in April 2015.

Dr. Rahimy completed his Vitreoretinal Fellowship at Wills Eye Hospital (Philadelphia, PA) in July 2015 where he was the recipient of the William Tasman Outstanding Fellow award in addition to being one of the honored Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation award winners. He went on to join the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (Palo Alto, CA), where he was chosen to design and co-found this large organization’s surgical retina division.

Together with his colleague and mentor, Dr. Omesh Gupta (Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA), Dr. Rahimy shared a video demonstrating a method for surgical displacement of a submacular hemorrhage in conjunction with evacuation of a sub-ILM (internal limiting membrane) hemorrhage secondary to a ruptured retinal macroneurysm. The Alcon® (a division of Novartis) CONSTELLATION® Vision System was utilized with a 23-gauge platform for this particular case. Dr. Rahimy notes that the intraoperative maneuvers could be similarly performed using a 25- or even 27-gauge platform, although anecdotally, he prefers the GRIESHABER® MAXGRIP® forceps to the ILM forceps when using the 27-gauge system for improved grasping of epimacular tissue.

I asked Dr. Rahimy what his number one recommendation would be for second year fellows across the country. He stated, “This may sound a little counterintuitive, but try to operate a little less and watch a little more during your last 6 months of training. As fellows, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, but trust me when I say there is no difference if you finish with 400 primary macular puckers versus 450. You have the rest of your life to operate alone. Your mentors have years and years of knowledge, technical skills, and experience. Now that you have the foundation of what retina surgery is, go back to the assistant’s chair every now and then and really hone in on all the subtleties and intricate details that make these individuals such awesome surgeons.”

Dr. Rahimy can be reached at erahimy@gmail.com




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